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MOOCs and The World Development Bank’s 2014 Report #wdrrisk

7 Jul

Massively Online Open Courseware (MOOC) is interesting. Many refer to it as the democratizing of education where the internet becomes an equalizer.

There are many self enrichment classes out there, some are accredited as college units, and others result in certificates. Open Courseware is free, but the catch (if you can even call it that) is certificates have a fee (but is much smaller in comparison to university classes). Paying for a certificate verifies your participation and ties your identity to the completion of the class. The courses have to be done while they are being offered by the university or institution, some repeat but others are do not. If you sign up for a class that is no longer running you can still get access to the data and materials, but cant get a certificate anymore. Certificates are nice, but its also fun to just learn anyways.

I just started with the first week of “Risk and Opportunity: Managing Risk For Development” by The World Bank, from Coursera today since the first test is due soon.

Its a Massively Online Open Course that results in a certificate of participation. The class presents the data and findings of the 2014 world development report on Risk and opportunity management for development. The concepts presented can be applied to all levels of society, from the individual to the global. Its four weeks long and has a couple of tests a game or a project at the end of different weeks. You have to finish the first test by midnight of your timezone on the 9th though.

You can take the course and learn more about the 2014 world development report even if you’re not interested in the certificate. They give additional videos and reading related to the topics if you are interested but however far you decide to participate in the course is up to you.

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