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Coffee craze

21 Jun

I didn’t realize how much coffee became a part of my life when I learned how to do it right. Well maybe that and its quite simple to make it, style it to be pretty, snap a photo and bam! instagram + 30 days of creativity.

I have several posts on it (doppio con pannahazelnut lattevanilla latte/cappuchino and other snippets about coffee prep). At my food, Diy, & Art blog Done it from scratch.

If the topic interests you, like food porn, or you want to see the me try out a less scholastic writing voice hop on over! =)


Crisp salad, every time! Prewash your own salad.

15 Nov

You will need:
Your prefered salad leaves
Herbs you enjoy

A salad spinner, for crisp veggies.
Vegetable washing solution
  • (try 1tablespoon lemon juice, 2 tablespoons distilled white vinegar, and 1 cup cold water in a spray bottle. There are other varriants of vinegar, lemon juice, and basking soda wash recipies available on the net.)
1. Wash
  • Spray the leafy veg with your vegetable wash.
  • leave for 3-5 min
  • rinse off or soak (if carrots or potatoes, they take a while)
  • let drain in a colander for 1-2 min.
2. Spin
  • When the cleaning agent has been washed off, place your leaves in a salad spinner and spin.
  • This is crucial for good salad, the veg will absorb the excess water that doesnt drip off and will be soggy if you dont spin it.
3. Chill & Store
  • Line a container with a paper towel (use PET plastic or PET density varriants, glass or BPA free plastic please, unless you want plastic toxins and chemicals seeping into your food)
  • Keep chilled in your refridgerator’s crisper (the bottom pull out bin).

It should keep a week. and you took care of the hassle ahead of time.
And thats it, easy 1-2-3 your own stock of nutritional veg, waiting for mealtimes. Just take the hassle out of the way ahead of time.

Be sure to use unwashed, fresh, loose (non-vaccum sealed) packed leafy veggies. Usualy i wash a couple packages at the same time, since its just Mr. Catfish and I this lasts us a week to a week and a half. You can definitely adjust this amount to three packages (for 3-4 people, 2 salads a day for 3-5days) or five (for 6 people and above 2 salads a day for 3 days). The amount you make really depends on how much your family or guests like salad.

I like leafy lettuce and aragula, if i’m bored with it i add some fresh basil or rosemary to the wash bin. You can serve it as is leaves and herb with some dressing or add more veg to it. Sometimes I add cucumber, olives and capers or onions to it before serving. Try your own combo of leaves and herbs and tell us about it!

Check out making your own salad dressing.
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Bento #2: tonkatsu with vegetable rice and soup

29 Aug

For this bento:

My goal here was to make a nutritious meal for my guy and bentos cheer him up a lot. I tried to sneak in as many veggies as i can by adding string beans, and i used the water broccoli was blanched in to cook the rice. Traditionally for man-bentos you put the rice in the larger compartment. Here i used the smaller compartment for rice, so it has less calories. For a little treat, i added a shortbread pie i got from choto shop on sale! it was only 10 pesos! thats about $.20. It was really tasty and i wish i bought more now.

I got the tonkatsu from the SM Mega Mall supermarket, it was about 10 pesos per tonkatsu. I was quite disappointed with this buy. The breading didn’t have enough seasoning (pepper in particular) and the meat is so thin! I have six left in the freezer and i really don’t want to touch them.


Bento break down:

Compartment a:

Brown and red rice with broccoli, broad beans, and salmon furikake.

Compartment b:

Tonkatsu strips

Boiled egg

Spaghetti with Japanese mayo and cherry tomato

Cauliflower and bell peppers.

Soup bowl:

nilagang baka (boiled beef with saba bananas, cabbage and potatoes)

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