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Coffee craze

21 Jun

I didn’t realize how much coffee became a part of my life when I learned how to do it right. Well maybe that and its quite simple to make it, style it to be pretty, snap a photo and bam! instagram + 30 days of creativity.

I have several posts on it (doppio con pannahazelnut lattevanilla latte/cappuchino and other snippets about coffee prep). At my food, Diy, & Art blog Done it from scratch.

If the topic interests you, like food porn, or you want to see the me try out a less scholastic writing voice hop on over! =)


Raised bed planting (via ECOhanaHI)

18 Sep

I want to do something like this when the dust settles after my move =)

Raised bed planting A raised bed planter box is a convenient way for us to grow healthy edibles without (we rent) digging up too much dirt. As we scavenge for most of the materials for the planter, we can start our seeds. Here, we’ve started- pak choi, cherry tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, squash, dill, and a mesclun mix in jiffy peat pots. Found watering them with the spray bottle was time overkill. Now the seedlings are resting in an inch of water in a shallow tupp … Read More

via ECOhanaHI

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10 May

Screen shot 2011-01-08 at 5.53.32 PM

I just posted how to make Tomagoyaki on my food blog here. Go check it out =)

If the link doesnt work this is the url: http://baconbitsandcookiecrumbs.wordpress.com/2011/05/09/tomagoyaki/

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31 Dec

One way of doing Soboro is like this:

To know more about the history, culture and context of this dish have a look here. Maki is half Japanese, so she would know more about this than me – her recipes always have cultural snippets and she explains the techniques well. She also posted a soboro recipe there.

My quick and dirty version of soboro, for bentos and quick dinners.

  • a bit of oil (seasme is better, but olive is okay)
  • 1 chopped garlic clove
  • 2 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tsp  ginger powder
  • and either a can of tuna or an equivalent amount of another protein.
  • white sesame seeds
  • and optional ingredients of choice
  1. Brown garlic in oil, remove garlic.
  2. Add soysauce and ginger powder.
  3. At this point you can add mirin, chili paste or something else you like.
  4. Cook on a medium flame until protein is cooked.
  5. Garnish with white sesame seeds

[Other Options]

Add chopped carrots

Add peas

Add spinach

Use egg as the protein


Crisp salad, every time! Prewash your own salad.

15 Nov

You will need:
Your prefered salad leaves
Herbs you enjoy

A salad spinner, for crisp veggies.
Vegetable washing solution
  • (try 1tablespoon lemon juice, 2 tablespoons distilled white vinegar, and 1 cup cold water in a spray bottle. There are other varriants of vinegar, lemon juice, and basking soda wash recipies available on the net.)
1. Wash
  • Spray the leafy veg with your vegetable wash.
  • leave for 3-5 min
  • rinse off or soak (if carrots or potatoes, they take a while)
  • let drain in a colander for 1-2 min.
2. Spin
  • When the cleaning agent has been washed off, place your leaves in a salad spinner and spin.
  • This is crucial for good salad, the veg will absorb the excess water that doesnt drip off and will be soggy if you dont spin it.
3. Chill & Store
  • Line a container with a paper towel (use PET plastic or PET density varriants, glass or BPA free plastic please, unless you want plastic toxins and chemicals seeping into your food)
  • Keep chilled in your refridgerator’s crisper (the bottom pull out bin).

It should keep a week. and you took care of the hassle ahead of time.
And thats it, easy 1-2-3 your own stock of nutritional veg, waiting for mealtimes. Just take the hassle out of the way ahead of time.

Be sure to use unwashed, fresh, loose (non-vaccum sealed) packed leafy veggies. Usualy i wash a couple packages at the same time, since its just Mr. Catfish and I this lasts us a week to a week and a half. You can definitely adjust this amount to three packages (for 3-4 people, 2 salads a day for 3-5days) or five (for 6 people and above 2 salads a day for 3 days). The amount you make really depends on how much your family or guests like salad.

I like leafy lettuce and aragula, if i’m bored with it i add some fresh basil or rosemary to the wash bin. You can serve it as is leaves and herb with some dressing or add more veg to it. Sometimes I add cucumber, olives and capers or onions to it before serving. Try your own combo of leaves and herbs and tell us about it!

Check out making your own salad dressing.
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Soda Stream

20 Jul

This is a product report, not a review. I will make one after a month or so though when i am more familiar with the product.

Screenshot from 80s SodaStream ad

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Today my guy and i decided to split a “Soda Stream” soda/carbonated water maker from our local SM. Its a bit pricey but he is a soda fan, and guests come over frequently so we *do* spend quite alot on bottled sodas from 7-11 and mini stop. Not to mention this would greatly reduce the trash we produce!

I looked into reviewing the data the product releases about it self and it mostly looks good. Its much healthier than standard soda with lower calories, sugar, caffine and no sodium. THe syrup mixes do not use aspartame, or saccharine but rather sugar and splenda. Other than the health benefit as well, is the budget benefit – it costs 20 pesos for 1 liter of soda (after the initial cash bump of buying into the system).

To make home-made soda/sparkling water you will need:

  • cold water (1 liter minus 1-2 tbsp.)
  • some of the syrup (if you are making a soda or tea)
  • and your soda stream carbonator.

A table comparing the nutritional values of leading soda brands and Soda Stream syrup mix is available here.

To find out more about Soda Stream products you can goto these sites:

Soda Stream philippines – gives info on what is available here and what the PHP prices are, but takes a while to load.

Soda Stream USA – Has videos that take a while to load but is still faster than the Philippines site. It also probably has products listed that arent avaialable here yet.

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