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Happy 30 Days of creativity

2 Jun

30Doc 2012 banner

I have pledged to do thirty days of creativity this year. It started a couple days ago and lasts throughout June. I wanted to try it last year but didnt catch it until the tail end of the month. Made a couple of posts so far. So this, along with work is keeping me busy.

This post here is a bit of a formality since this content is more appropriate for my hobby/diy/food blog. If you want to learn more about the 30 days of Creativity initiative click through the link.

It would be great if you could join me too! Just pledge @createstuff on twitter and tag your posts (it seems like its chiefly organizing through twitter but im sure the group has accounts elsewhere) #30DoC.

The 2012 30 Days of Creativity Inspiration… | 30 Days of Creativity.


30 Days of Creativity and Academic Readings

29 Jun
Day 30

Image by Mykl Roventine via Flickr

I just found out about 30 Days of Creativity from another Word Press blog. I’m thinking of joining it, or doing something like it. But I would like to work out my regular school schedule first to ensure I have enough time for everything.

On that note, I consulted with a friend about wether or not I should blog about the readings I’m taking up for my classes. He said it would be a good exercise in writing, and might help in my studies. So I’m also sitting on that idea. If so there may be more academic writing here.

As a renaissance soul it would help me integrate my life more, but as a blog it would take away from being a niche. And niche is what generates traffic. I dont have much traffic to begin with though so it might be a beneficial practice. I apologize then, for the double posting on here and my crafting blog. I will be keeping them separate now. So on my long discourse with myself here, I finally have a decision.  Keep them separate.

I will have to adjust my pages a bit but for now, I have to go read.

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