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Trying to get EQ Live to work on a MBP

28 Jun

So… Some great older news is that EverQuest went free to play!
But how do you get it to run if you arent on Windowz?

One option is cross over. The package costs USD 40-60 though. They have a 14 day trial and the program requires you to have a windows intaller. Im not so well versed on how to use it and I would rather not mess with having windows installed. I dont have the space, I dont want to run a partition, and a few friends running boot camp have had to reformat. The same errors may not apply to cross over, but I would rather use wine.

The wine HQ page gave me a clue. The last update they had (april 2012) said that EQ live runs fine using wine as long as you install the dx9 via wine tricks when setting up the preferences for the prefix. Note however that the users had ubuntu, unix, and fedora. No Mac OS listed in test files. Not great since i dont know for sure if it works, but not bad since it hasn’t been rated as garbage.

After installing direct x 9 I still got a “Error: Generic Error Occured” mesage when i would load it up. So i caved in and decided to look at cross over. I looked up if it could run EQ and voila, instructions on how to get the launcher running on unix via wine bottler or wine tricks.

So you need :

  • install it into Programfiles/Sony Online Entertainment/Installed Games/EverQuest
  • DX9 (Direct x 9)
  • ActiveX
  • MSIE 7+ (MicroSoft Internet Explorer)
  • Flash

After loading up a new preference set with this, the DX updater ran and updated dx11. It installed into my wine app support folder in library though.;tips=1

However, i am still having difficulty with getting the launcher to run via flash. RL is getting a bit busy so i will have to set this aside for a while. It has been done, so i know it can be. Unfortunately I have not found a tutorial on it.

I hope this helps anyone trying to get it to run, and if you get farther than i did please let me know!


How to mod Skyrim Natively on a Mac

30 May
Bethesda developed the Creation Engine for Sky...

Bethesda developed the Creation Engine for Skyrim. It allows for dynamic snowfall, and the integration of dragons in gameplay. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Skyrim was initially made for the XBOX, it was then ported by the game makers into a PC version. This resulted in some issues according to forums on the topic. Imo it kind of explains the UI (user interface), the controls also feel more like a console game than a PC game.

It was ported into a PC. And some fans, who use macs as well ported the PC version for Macs. This process is called wrapping, im not sure about its SOPA and PIPA status, but im not telling you how to do it. As with most digitized information, it can be found somewhere out there in the web.

You CAN mod your skyrim for Mac. The process is simple, if you know how. Funny how alot of things are like that huh?

This post is not going to help if you are running boot camp. That way simplifies things since aside from not having your function keys, and needing to use a mouse you can pretty much treat your box like a windows. This is for the wrapped version running natively on the Mac OS.

Well anyways here is a step by step procedure:

1. Unpack your file.

Some files are 7zip, i use Keka for this but you can use any other file decompressor that you have on hand as long as it will do a 7z format. Many of the mods are also .rar which rarX or Keka can also decode. Some files are patches in a .exe format. This is where wrapping come in. Im not an expert on it so i wont go there but you can look into cider wrap, or wine wrap if you have an intel processor in your apple. If you have boot camp .exe performance patches should not be a problem to you, just run it and follow the readme or instruction of the modder.

2. Copy the files into your data folder.

right click your, select show package contents select: resources/transgaming/c_drive/Program Files/The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim/Data. This is where your .esm and .esp files will go to.

Most of the games information is already in the Skyrim.esm so if a mod you download has extra folders (ie: meshes/actors/characters/, or textures folders) just paste it in. Esm files hold the textures and meshes that the game uses, some mods will have a loose file version which is more of a hassle to do manually, but will make the experience more customizeable.

The game will read the plugins/.esp files first, then the master/.esm files and within that prioritize it by date. The only problem you will have is if you have two files trying to control or texture the same thing. In that case they will have the same names, and you will have to choose which you prefer ehem *compatibility issues*.

An exemption to this is the d3d9.dll files. These files usually work on your FPS (frames per ssecond, that is how pretty it looks without stuttering or lagging) You *theoretically* can modify them to work with eachother. Rename the secondary one with an additional code or name for you to remember after the d3d9[something here with out the bracket].dll and by setting up your main d3d9.dll or EBN.ini to proxy to it. I have tried this, but somehow my textedit does not show me textual language decipherable to me. If you succeed in doing this, great! teach me how! If you can manage it the code is as follows:

ProxyLibrary=”C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\D3D9FL.dll”

3. Add it to your plugins control list.

The first time you install a mod you will have to make this list. Create a *plain text* file in text edit, make sure it is a .txt. Rich text format/.rtf will not work! and make sure that after you edit it, before you play it is set to read only -even to yourself. You can always edit it later by unlocking the setting.

Name it Plugins.txt  and place it in resources/transgaming/c_drive/Program Files/The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim/%USERPROFILE%/Local Settings/Application Data/Skyrim. The file should read as follows:

# This file is used by Skyrim to keep track of your downloaded content.
# Please do not modify this file.

the mods you installed.esp


Forums have mentioned to keep the skyrim.esm last. Im not sure why but its what i have done and it works for me. And a note, you will always have to activate your mods manually this way. I have tried to run the nexus mod manager to no avail. I dont know about any mod managers that will work for mac, but there may be one out there.

You can keep the .esp file in your data folder  and remove it from the .txt file to deactivate it. It is tedious to keep track of all the mods you have installed and the files attached to them. Particularly with the retextures and body mods. So esm files help with that but not all of them are in that format.

Now i’ve gone and explained things garnered from forum posts and weeks of figuring out how this thing works, but it’s hard if you cant quite see it.  So here is a youtube video that might help. If video helps you, please let the author know on their page.

To learn more about the .esp and .esm files check out:

I would link to the other forums i read but there are a lot of them and i dont remember every single one. A good bet would be to check out skyrimnexus’s forum, but their search engine is a little reluctant to look for the keyword mac. I’m not a programmer or anything, so I’m sure there are many other helpful discussions there and they can explain better than i can. I just wanted to play skyrim, and I hope you get to as well.

Some skyrim mods

29 May


I’m considering writing about skyrim mods that work well on the mac port. Feedback on if i should actually put effort into doing this would be appreciated =)

Radio Silence: Skyrim

11 Apr

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

After the sleep deprived months of crunching readings, papers, and reports the author has been spotted dragon hunting in the mountains of Tamriel‘s Skyrim province. A simple note was left behind at her desk:

Gone Hiking, Fus Roh Dah

Skyrim official Bethesda trailer

You can probably expect posts during or perhaps after this gamer’s pilgrimage.


If you are on the same journey, you may appreciate the following links:

  • A review type modifications guide by are listed here.
  • A table of marry-able characters and their perks is available here.
  • A top marry-able NPC perks review is available here.
  • Information about homes: their price, furniture, facilites and location is listed here.
  • Skyrim Nexus is a site/forum has a bunch of mods available. From improving textures and visuals in the game, to additional areas, skins, game dynamics, items, and crafting. Its a one stop shop for all your mod needs. A similar nexus is available for other Elder scrolls, Dragon Age, Neverwinter, The Witcher, Fallout, and a few others.

Empires and Allies: World Embassy

17 Aug

Screen shot 2011-08-17 at 2.20.09 AMSo theres this new FB game called Empires and Alies by Zynga, The makers of Farm ville. I just started playing it last week, and I have to say I can see why people are hopping on to it from Restaurant City. Atleast in my community here. I should say I wasn’t compensated for this entry. I just play games. I still have a midterm to review for so this post will be brief. I will probably write about the farms and resources next, seeing as they are pretty. Really its just an excuse to put up this pretty picture I found.

Rain rain rain in Denmark

Image by flemming. d5000 via Flickr

Moving on…

The World Embassy allows your country to be neutral, swiss style. No neighbors can attack you as long as youre neutral, however you cannot attack others either. Once you loose your neutrality you have about 6 hours of ducking and bomb dodging to do. To maintain this neutrality you ask friend to work there, when a friend accepts you’re covered for about 18 hours. Not too bad huh? Now wait until you spam them everyweek.

Anyways, I’m just posting this to celebrate.
Achievement unlocked

Do I win a pony?

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Applications of Tetris: Restaurant City.

13 May

So… the new 3 tile stoves in resto city have been annoying me. But not anymore! I finaly cracked it. Plus some play-fish cash alternatives to charging it on your plastic. Go see?

The three tile stoves are faster, but tricky to place. It’s important to keep the tables close to the stove so the waiters get the food to them in time before they complain. Before I figured this out I had about 14 tiles of walking space to 16 tables for the waiters. Now they only have 6:16. Nifty huh? Scroll down to see it and skip my babbling.

Im really not for buying in game items, when I used to play MMORPGs I worked for my phat loot. I didnt have a credit card, and it really is more fulfilling. The only thing in the I bought with real money is the Krenzer fridge and dishwasher. I couldn’t resist the dishwasher and well the fridge… was vague with what it sped up. The owls are from a quest and uh b-day gifts from coerced friends that dont play anymore. The ice cream cart and maggie stove are both quest items I got from playing. I was around when the christmas fridges were new, so i have them too. Sorry I had to segway, I’m just a bit embarrassed about having pay items.

On that note… Filipino options:

Screen shot 2011-05-13 at 12.38.53 AM

If you didnt know already play fish has a new pay system. In the philippines you can either pay through your mobile. Or do an errand and earn some cooking cash. I think this is more for pos

Screen shot 2011-05-13 at 12.39.18 AM

Crowd flower asks you to do a menial task – mostly double cheking what a bot or spider cant do. There are different tasks that take about 30 min to accomplish and you get 2 cooking cask for it. I think its a bit much of work time for only 2 coking cash but hey, if you need a buy only ingredient to unlock a recipe then as annoying it is to go along with gaming conglomeration if you wanna play you wanna play. It sucks I know. But it can help too.

SO…. Without further adieu, My solution:

Screen shot 2011-05-13 at 12.18.33 AM

Thank you Tetris!

And for other tetris lovers out there… something else thats pretty cool.

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Kindred: The Embraced

19 Mar
Kindred: The Embraced

Image via Wikipedia

Kindred: the embraced is 8 episodes long and was co-produced by Mark Rein-Hagen, who also wrote V:tM books. The show follows a Camarilla prince with Ventrue, Toreador, Gangrel, Nosferatu and Gangrel clan heads. Below is the first part of the first episode, the rest are available on You Tube. I heard about this from a member of my troupe, and hope you all out there enjoy it too.

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Vampire: the Masquerade

16 Mar
Vampire: The Masquerade

Image via Wikipedia

The difference between Vampire: the Masquerade and One World of Darkness:

Masquerade is the predecessor of One World of Darkness (OWoD). The first table top RPG by White-Wolf game studio (it was still White Wolf publishing then). The major difference is the other types of supernaturals are only NPCS, in OWoD the players can play any of them – lycan, fey, hunter, wraith, or mortal. This is… hard on the Game Master (GM) or Story teller (ST). Since they are required to have a comprehensive knowledge of ALL the histories involved this includes creation myth, political structure, known antagonists, clans, and abilities.

What you need to play Vampire The Masquerade:

In all technicality you only need the core rule book and ten or more D10s (ten sided dice) to play. There are three editions of the core rule book and a LARP version called Minds Eye Theatre. However, having the Storyteller Companion and Player Handbook adds more customization and richness to the game. Ofcourse so does reading the clan books, It really helps you Role Play better. The story and the fun has more premium above being legalistic about what the books say though ;). Some books are free to read on scribd. They can a bit tricky to find, but when you find the first rabbit you see links to the rest. Ofcourse if you enjoy the game support it and buy a copy – it lets the developers and corporations know what players want. So they keep producing them.

So… I havent been taking food photos. AND this is the most important end, I got whisked away to the world of Vampire:the Masquerade.

This is why i wanted a hodgepodge blog alone has seen me through 6. I always wanted to play this, so its exciting to finally get to.

A theatre-style LARP in a decorated room

Image via Wikipedia

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Sweet potato: Daigakuimo & Camote Cue

4 Dec

sweets header

In the Philippines we have a snack called “Camote(sweet potato) cue”. It’s similar to the recipe above except its sold skewered without soy sauce, sesame seeds,and they are sliced larger (3/4″ to 1.5″ in thickness). It usually has more sugar and is deep fried.

Adding a que/cue/q at the end is a play on the American BBQ. There are many street food stalls in the Philippines where marinated meats are skewered, grilled over coal and sold. Usually you can catch the sweeter dishes for merienda (late afternoon snack before dinner, usualy 3-4PM) and the more savory viand six pm onwards. Thease stalls offer turon (banana in wanton wrap fried with sugar), camote cue, banana cue, BBQ, isaw (skewerd chiken inards), itlog ng pugo (quail eggs either boiled and sold with salt) and qwek qwek (quail eggs boiled, peeled, breaded with a bright orange batter, fried and sold with a vinegar dip) .

I didn’t quite realize there is such an array of local food that others would find interesting or exotic. Im thinking about doing a series on them. Anyways, last week was quite busy for me and this week is proving to be a bit rushed as well.I also started playing Ragnarok Online again on the official F2P (free to play) non PVP (player versus player) server, Valhalla.

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EverQuest junkie

16 Oct
EverQuest was Verant Interactive's breakthroug...

Image via Wikipedia

So i was looking around and i found …

Everquest MAC edition! i cant wait to play it. Sem break just started, and in good time too – i was under so much stress i was ready to give up on uni all together. And i was thinking of trying out a private EQ server but then i saw this. The monthly rate is $13/mo thats about P500 for me so not too bad – if they will accept my card.

It has a separate server, and its only up to planes of power – but there is so much content now that i would be too confused if i played it straight up. There is so much i want to explore, and so much i want to do on eq. I have good memories of EQ, but i also know i used to be pretty bad at playing. And there was so much i havent explored yet. I am very hopeful right now. So my tune my change after a while, but i’m very excited.

So thats what i wanted to post. Everquest. For Mac. heart.

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