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Coffee craze

21 Jun

I didn’t realize how much coffee became a part of my life when I learned how to do it right. Well maybe that and its quite simple to make it, style it to be pretty, snap a photo and bam! instagram + 30 days of creativity.

I have several posts on it (doppio con pannahazelnut lattevanilla latte/cappuchino and other snippets about coffee prep). At my food, Diy, & Art blog Done it from scratch.

If the topic interests you, like food porn, or you want to see the me try out a less scholastic writing voice hop on over! =)



10 May

Screen shot 2011-01-08 at 5.53.32 PM

I just posted how to make Tomagoyaki on my food blog here. Go check it out =)

If the link doesnt work this is the url:

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Im Not Dead, Have Some Banana Fritters.

1 Mar

I know food doesn’t go here anymore, so go to my food blog. Heres a photo anyways. Fritters. Nom nom nom


banana fritter 2

Turkey hash brunch

14 Jan

turkey hash lr

Mr C and i ate this, and it was the yum =D. I used organic pepper, Cajun spice and Himalayan pink salt for the hash, and rosemary salt with the scrambled egg on top. Oh and its Goats milk manchego, Mr. C is lactose intolerant so most of my recipes are lactose free. Most. =O

Refreshing Yoghurt Dressing with Mango salad

11 Jan

IMG_1385 copy

This was lovely, i added bit of peach schnapps but it was too much so i excluded it from here. Adding the mango and taking the 2 min to make the dressing perked up the usual speed salad i make. Like any other recipe this is not set in stone, so add what you like remove what you don’t like.




lola rosso



plain yoghurt

juice of 1 calamansi (small lime)




To make the dressing:

  1. mash salt pepper and dill together in mortar and pestle or flavor shaker,
  2. Add about 1-2 tbsp plain yoghurt, juice of 1 calamansi. Mix together.
  3. Taste when incorporated. Add more of any ingredient to taste.


The best mangoes on earth are from the Philippines. Singapore and Japan imports the mangoes we produce here – if you aren’t in Asia i’m afraid you wont be able to enjoy this fully. The marquis/Mexican mangoes… well the flavor and texture is so different it’s like a different fruit all together. Maybe you can try this with fresh peaches?

[Healthy & organic options]:

Use organic veg, easily purchased from either the Salcedo market, the Legazpi market. Rustance Fresh and SM supermarket have organic sections too.

You can also make yoghurt at home, and use that for this recipe.

Organic pepper – does wonders for any dish. I was surprised by how much it made a difference

dill you have planted and grown pesticide free at home. (or bought from the organic section. check out market man on Zacky’s farm)

[Other Options]:

you can add some pomelo/ grapefruit to too contrast the sweetness of the mango.

you can use 2 baking teaspoons of lime juice – its not the same but it can work.

or lemon.

add other herbs

add crushed wall nuts

add a sharp cheese

Bento#8 : Yakiniku Ham, Daigokumo & Salad

9 Jan

IMG_1332 copy

We found a new slim type bento and i was very excited to try it out.

Yakiniku Ham, made like torihamu but with yakinoku pork instead. I followed Maki of justbento’s recipie.

Salad, with tomato, gruyere, olives and capers.

Quail eggs and Daigokumo like mentioned here.

Project: Grandmas recipes

9 Jan

Most of my grandma’s recipes are old country cooking, depression food, and really sweet deep dish southern pies. And they are true gems. I am tempted to keep them to myself, but I remember she was never squeamish about sharing hers. She often traded recipes with other women at church, and with neighbors and friends in Kansas, where she originally was from. Though they may not be the healthiest in terms of fat content i want to make them the way she intended at least once. If you have special needs in your diet or cant get certain ingredients thats okay, it wont taste exactly the same but go ahead and substitute.

I will be working on cooking and posting at least one a month. Seeing the number of index cards this project will probably last a lifetime, and i have to consider time and budget constraints – so sometimes i will post more, and sometimes i will post less. I want them [the index cards] to be logged with photos and laminated to preserve them.


Roughly a month ago my grandma passed away at the age of 94 (1916-2010). It was a quick death, she lived a full life and had a charitable heart (she particularly adored kids). Most of her pension went towards helping the poor. I love her, and many people she has helped and befriended love and miss her as well. Her recipes are authentic to their time period and are a witness to history, it will be an adventure to go through them one recipe at a time. And i am glad that you will be there with me.


31 Dec

One way of doing Soboro is like this:

To know more about the history, culture and context of this dish have a look here. Maki is half Japanese, so she would know more about this than me – her recipes always have cultural snippets and she explains the techniques well. She also posted a soboro recipe there.

My quick and dirty version of soboro, for bentos and quick dinners.

  • a bit of oil (seasme is better, but olive is okay)
  • 1 chopped garlic clove
  • 2 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tsp  ginger powder
  • and either a can of tuna or an equivalent amount of another protein.
  • white sesame seeds
  • and optional ingredients of choice
  1. Brown garlic in oil, remove garlic.
  2. Add soysauce and ginger powder.
  3. At this point you can add mirin, chili paste or something else you like.
  4. Cook on a medium flame until protein is cooked.
  5. Garnish with white sesame seeds

[Other Options]

Add chopped carrots

Add peas

Add spinach

Use egg as the protein


Bento #7: Pork soboro with spinach, Grapes & Salad

31 Dec

IMG_1362 copy

Pork soboro with spinach & carrots, Grapes & Salad with olives

Bento #6 : Chicken hotdog, tomagoyaki & Salad [rush]

21 Dec

IMG_1343 copy

Yet another hurry bento:

Chicken hotdog, tomagoyaki, rice, salad, chocolate, and japanese mayo with black sesame seeds.