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Trying to get EQ Live to work on a MBP

28 Jun

So… Some great older news is that EverQuest went free to play!
But how do you get it to run if you arent on Windowz?

One option is cross over. The package costs USD 40-60 though. They have a 14 day trial and the program requires you to have a windows intaller. Im not so well versed on how to use it and I would rather not mess with having windows installed. I dont have the space, I dont want to run a partition, and a few friends running boot camp have had to reformat. The same errors may not apply to cross over, but I would rather use wine.

The wine HQ page gave me a clue. The last update they had (april 2012) said that EQ live runs fine using wine as long as you install the dx9 via wine tricks when setting up the preferences for the prefix. Note however that the users had ubuntu, unix, and fedora. No Mac OS listed in test files. Not great since i dont know for sure if it works, but not bad since it hasn’t been rated as garbage.

After installing direct x 9 I still got a “Error: Generic Error Occured” mesage when i would load it up. So i caved in and decided to look at cross over. I looked up if it could run EQ and voila, instructions on how to get the launcher running on unix via wine bottler or wine tricks.

So you need :

  • install it into Programfiles/Sony Online Entertainment/Installed Games/EverQuest
  • DX9 (Direct x 9)
  • ActiveX
  • MSIE 7+ (MicroSoft Internet Explorer)
  • Flash

After loading up a new preference set with this, the DX updater ran and updated dx11. It installed into my wine app support folder in library though.;tips=1

However, i am still having difficulty with getting the launcher to run via flash. RL is getting a bit busy so i will have to set this aside for a while. It has been done, so i know it can be. Unfortunately I have not found a tutorial on it.

I hope this helps anyone trying to get it to run, and if you get farther than i did please let me know!

Today I made soap. Kinda fail

22 Jun

Happy father’s day soap!

soap making

The soap turned out nicely, but the molding and un-molding process didnt turn out so well. The soap is a bit soft, and has a lot of air bubbles. My leading theories are:

  1. First time making soap = lack of experience in pushing soap into molds.
  2. Too much water in lye solution (softness + air bubbles)
  3. Too much super fatting oil (softness).
  4. Stirring to quickly. (air bubbles) It’s Castile mind you! 50% EVOO, so I used my stick blender for what its worth.
  5. Overheating (SWAG air bubbles). Hot process soap isnt supposed to be temperature sensitive, but i kept it in the crock pot after the gelling stage. I dont smell the essential oil so much so I think it overheated or at least went past my essential oils flash point.

soap making
Some of the itsy bitsy ones are fine. And they dont look so bad, but are definately not sale worthy. It has a little lather, washes me squeaky clean, but not drying. I like how it doesnt leave that dryness hand soaps usually do. This formula isn’t “to die for” so i will keep trying until I get just the way I like it.

soap making

Full bar

soap making

Half bar

soap making

Mini heart

soap making

Image by cyferREDrose via Flickr

*My soap came out a bit crumbly, direct pressure on the thinner bars makes it loose a bit of shape and the edges are crumbly so I’m putting this here to get feedback.

Base oils

Lye mixture


    • 1 Tbsp White kaolin clay (cleansing)
    • 4 oz Jojoba oil (super fatting)
    • 20 drops Grapefruit extract (antibacterial)
    • 17 drops Sandalwood essential oil
    • 10 drops tea tree essential oil
    • 5 drops bergamot essential oil
    • 5 drops peppermint essential oil

soap making

Soapmakers, did I do something wrong?
  • Update I read a trouble shooting guide. I double checked the formula I made and the proportions were fine. Apparently something went wrong with the saponification process. I didn’t heat it long enough. I was worried about burning it and  ended up undercooking it ha!
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