Hi =) I’m Vicky, a twenty something in one of the Philippines‘ 7000 islands! And I want this to be a place where we can share interests and ideas.

I am a book-loving researcher that happens to be a working student. In this blog i talk about things that currently take up space in my brain. Like Gaming, book fandom and ships,  and some Humanities projects.

Not all conclusions are mine. But i love to talk about ideas and read anyways! So please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, or a question, or a post suggestion, a link, or a what have you. Feedback lets me know if i’m onto something, or if i suck. I have things learn from you too =)

This is more of a personal interests blog. I am only one person, with a few odd jobs, a diploma to work on, and  blogs so posts are sporadic. Regular updates, are on *this side* of the portal.

I post about Cheese, Coffee, and bentos at  Done if from Scratch. Other food related posts, DIY, and hobby related posts go there too.

For reading, reviews, and gaming stick around here =)


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