Empires and Allies: World Embassy

17 Aug

Screen shot 2011-08-17 at 2.20.09 AMSo theres this new FB game called Empires and Alies by Zynga, The makers of Farm ville. I just started playing it last week, and I have to say I can see why people are hopping on to it from Restaurant City. Atleast in my community here. I should say I wasn’t compensated for this entry. I just play games. I still have a midterm to review for so this post will be brief. I will probably write about the farms and resources next, seeing as they are pretty. Really its just an excuse to put up this pretty picture I found.

Rain rain rain in Denmark

Image by flemming. d5000 via Flickr

Moving on…

The World Embassy allows your country to be neutral, swiss style. No neighbors can attack you as long as youre neutral, however you cannot attack others either. Once you loose your neutrality you have about 6 hours of ducking and bomb dodging to do. To maintain this neutrality you ask friend to work there, when a friend accepts you’re covered for about 18 hours. Not too bad huh? Now wait until you spam them everyweek.

Anyways, I’m just posting this to celebrate.
Achievement unlocked

Do I win a pony?

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