Recently I read up on Acting Theory and Systems

12 Jul
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Apparently, and this is what un-confuzzled me, Methood acting is based on System acting. I did a bit of research on acting methods. It clarified some confusions I had.

So Stanislavski’s system is the basis for a lot of other acting methods. It utilizes units (of action, tension, and energy in a scene and the overall production) and emotional memory (drawing on own experiences to convey emotions of charcters) among other things.

Strasberg’s method is often confunsed with its predecessor since both use emotional memory. Method takes it a step further though by having the performer build up the emotions from repetitive tasks. Basically in method you make the emotions you draw from by immersing yourself in the profession or some other aspect of the character.

Meisner’s moment to moment is also a derivative of Stanislavski‘s system. Its chief characteristic though is that lines are memorized by rote and without intonation. This is done so that every time it is delivered it is as if the moment were fresh. It incorporates a naturalness to the performance.

Then there is the school of practical aesthetics which focuses on the interaction between two characters and emphasizes a truthful conveying of the moment. The method here is to keep the lines fresh by not preparing in advanced. This method also often does not focus on acting theory. I feel this technique is more appropriate for film than theatre. Since memorizing lines is very important in theatre to say the least.

Physical theatre is another school of acting, though it is one I am unfamiliar with. To my understanding it is used often with puppetry. Or with conveying meaning through actions alone. I feel this technique is more appropriate for theatre then film.

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