True Blood Season 4

2 Jul
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True Blood season 4 just began this month. There have only been 2 episodes out, the third will come out in a couple of weeks. I feel like such a fan girl right now. Waiting for this season was just like waiting for the next Harry Potter books to come out. Impatience, excitement, gushing, and squealing – the plethora of a fan girl’s expression. It’s similar… except now I’m older, and have a penchant for fictional men.

While waiting for this season I  tore through Charlaine Harris‘s Southern Vampire Mysteries. I was working on the first chapter of my thesis (on the vampire image in lit) so it had several purposes. Book 4 is my favorite, so im particularly at the edge of seat this season. I cant wait for the next book, or for the next episode.

Here are some scenes from episode 2.


Since I just cant wait, here are some spoilers for true blood season 4 episode 3. If you havent read the novels, watch at your own risk 😉

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