DIY soap mold, plus a note on BPA

24 Jun

Since im on a budget right now I did a quick search on making soap molds. I found the linked blogs very informative DIYtutorials.

soap making

This bad photo i just took breaks the monotony of text.

I got a couple of PVC plastic sheets. If you have seen the round PVC pipe molds, in theory it should work the same. The plastic sheets are available at my local book & school supply store. They were a little over a dolar each. So I spent about php 101.30 (2.31 usd) at National. So il be getting out my glue gun and will writing a tutorial on how I made it since I havent seen one around. That will happen when I get around to it. It follows the concept of making it from wood except without the power tools and screws. I will be making some liners from heavy duty wax paperI have laying around here from ages ago.

  1. Back to Basic Living shows us how to make a wooden soap mold here.
  2. The Soap Bar shows how to make a silicon mold liner here. Imo once you get the silicon you can use it for a great number of things. Mold something out of clay, powder it, then presto! IF its food safe you have a silpat mat or a chocolate mold, or a jello mold, an ice cube tray, or at the least if its not food safe a candle mold, clay mold, or another kind of non food mold.
  3. Lovin Soap Blog talk about how to make reusable plastic (poly carbonate) mold liners here. What I will be doing is more like this, except with PVC.
    PVC SPI code, for recycling (Society of the Pl...

    Image via Wikipedia

Safety note though, Polycarbonate is *not* BPA free, so you might get some of it in your soap as leeching occurs during heating. Try to let your soap cool down a bit first, or if you’re paranoid like me avoid BPA as much as you can. Its already in a lot of stuff you dont know about (pipe lining, canned food lining, dental fillings, plastic containers with the recycle sign #4 and up, thermal printed receipts, and a lot more. In high exposure cases t has been linked to reproductive disfunction, sterility and even genital mutation. According to this article the seeping occurs at 240 deg Farenheit. For more on Bisphenol A do a google search or click the link to see what wikipedia says. My 2 cents, BPA is nasty. PVC might leech phlatelets but I havent read much on that yet nor found sources on it. That and the mold im making is just until I can make one out of wood or buy one.

Its refreshing to be looking around and using what I already have. In my walk, I’m working on letting tomorrow worry about itself. Its turning out as a learning experience, its more fulfilling, and a refreshing spin on the commercialized world we live in.

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