Talcum powder toxicity and substitutes

20 Jun
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Lavender as a talc substitute

Talcum powder has been found to be similar to asbestos and has been linked to an increase in incidents of ovarian cancer. It is particularly associated with erm genital powder. For more information on this have a look at here and here.

On that note here is a short list of talc powder substitutes I found floating in three different sites on the net. I’m not sure who the actual author is, if you do please inform me.

Non-toxic and natural talcum powder substitutes. :

    • 1. arrowroot powder
    • 2. chickpea powder
    • 3. baking soda
    • 4. corn flour
    • 5. cornstarch
    • 6. rice flour
    • 7. oat flour
    • 8. French green clay, finely ground
    • 9. white clay, finely ground
    • 10. powdered calendula blossoms
    • 11. powdered lavender buds
    • 12. powdered rose petals
    • 13. powdered chamomile flowers
    • 14. powdered neem herbs
You will still have to balance out your recipes since the substitutes themselves have innate fragrance, pigmentation, and properties.
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