Garden Holiday

7 Jun

I made a batch of perfume yesterday. A truly lovely floral blend that lasted more than four hours on my skin. With Tangerine as a top note it’s an uplifting and cheerful scent. The soft and water floral middle notes make it a light and sweet. I didn’t get a nose full of it at its base note phase but the other notes make it very light. I took a photo with my smartphone, but it was prety bad. so no photo for now.

Fragrance Wheel perfume classification chart, ...

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  • Top Notes: Tangerine, Sap, Reseda Plant
  • Middle Notes: Wild Rose, Red Cyclamen, Peach Blossom, Blue Hyacinth, Iris, Nectar
  • Base Notes: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Musk

It’s a version of Burberry weekend, I didn’t hand blend the fine fragrance but im happy with the essence of perfume I made with it. I sold one, gave a little away as a gift, and kept about a little to reflect on in the future.

I used the formula here.

Be sure to use a glass bottle to prevent the scent from evaporating. Plastic is more porous and will allow air in and evaporate the fragrance. In a month this will result in an icky alcohol smelling spritz.

I would also advise you to use verbac, or denatured (sometimes called deodorized) ethyl alcohol. This skips the one week curing stage and your fragrance becomes ready to use.

  • Update
  • I gave my mom some, and she used wayyyyyyyy too much. For some reason my allergies acted up when i went into the room she was using. The fine fragrance i used is definitely not phlatelet free.  If you are sensitive too, i suggest you hand blend a fine fragrance blend using the note information above using Essential oils or E.O.s.
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