Applications of Tetris: Restaurant City.

13 May

So… the new 3 tile stoves in resto city have been annoying me. But not anymore! I finaly cracked it. Plus some play-fish cash alternatives to charging it on your plastic. Go see?

The three tile stoves are faster, but tricky to place. It’s important to keep the tables close to the stove so the waiters get the food to them in time before they complain. Before I figured this out I had about 14 tiles of walking space to 16 tables for the waiters. Now they only have 6:16. Nifty huh? Scroll down to see it and skip my babbling.

Im really not for buying in game items, when I used to play MMORPGs I worked for my phat loot. I didnt have a credit card, and it really is more fulfilling. The only thing in the I bought with real money is the Krenzer fridge and dishwasher. I couldn’t resist the dishwasher and well the fridge… was vague with what it sped up. The owls are from a quest and uh b-day gifts from coerced friends that dont play anymore. The ice cream cart and maggie stove are both quest items I got from playing. I was around when the christmas fridges were new, so i have them too. Sorry I had to segway, I’m just a bit embarrassed about having pay items.

On that note… Filipino options:

Screen shot 2011-05-13 at 12.38.53 AM

If you didnt know already play fish has a new pay system. In the philippines you can either pay through your mobile. Or do an errand and earn some cooking cash. I think this is more for pos

Screen shot 2011-05-13 at 12.39.18 AM

Crowd flower asks you to do a menial task – mostly double cheking what a bot or spider cant do. There are different tasks that take about 30 min to accomplish and you get 2 cooking cask for it. I think its a bit much of work time for only 2 coking cash but hey, if you need a buy only ingredient to unlock a recipe then as annoying it is to go along with gaming conglomeration if you wanna play you wanna play. It sucks I know. But it can help too.

SO…. Without further adieu, My solution:

Screen shot 2011-05-13 at 12.18.33 AM

Thank you Tetris!

And for other tetris lovers out there… something else thats pretty cool.

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