Vampire: the Masquerade

16 Mar
Vampire: The Masquerade

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The difference between Vampire: the Masquerade and One World of Darkness:

Masquerade is the predecessor of One World of Darkness (OWoD). The first table top RPG by White-Wolf game studio (it was still White Wolf publishing then). The major difference is the other types of supernaturals are only NPCS, in OWoD the players can play any of them – lycan, fey, hunter, wraith, or mortal. This is… hard on the Game Master (GM) or Story teller (ST). Since they are required to have a comprehensive knowledge of ALL the histories involved this includes creation myth, political structure, known antagonists, clans, and abilities.

What you need to play Vampire The Masquerade:

In all technicality you only need the core rule book and ten or more D10s (ten sided dice) to play. There are three editions of the core rule book and a LARP version called Minds Eye Theatre. However, having the Storyteller Companion and Player Handbook adds more customization and richness to the game. Ofcourse so does reading the clan books, It really helps you Role Play better. The story and the fun has more premium above being legalistic about what the books say though ;). Some books are free to read on scribd. They can a bit tricky to find, but when you find the first rabbit you see links to the rest. Ofcourse if you enjoy the game support it and buy a copy – it lets the developers and corporations know what players want. So they keep producing them.

So… I havent been taking food photos. AND this is the most important end, I got whisked away to the world of Vampire:the Masquerade.

This is why i wanted a hodgepodge blog alone has seen me through 6. I always wanted to play this, so its exciting to finally get to.

A theatre-style LARP in a decorated room

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