10 Feb
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So… i went through the process of deciding on a new blog, and got the domain but never got on to posting. I just really want to consider my long term goals, and i dont know how much i can write or compile about culinary endeavors without posting about crafting. Its best to be specific in blogging you see, to have a niche to fill. On one end its good for traffic, and on the other its the best way to generate valued content – if its uncommon. But i really dont want to maintain more than one blog. though it is an idea to have a personal one and a more objective, professional type one.

school has kept me busy, as well as Charlaine Harris‘s Southern Vampire Mysteries. I got the 10 books in audiobook form and knitted away. My favorite is book 4. Five scarves later, i feel a bit distracted from food blogging.

So im thinking of scraping my food blog idea, and going to a new one. Something about making hpomemade versions of commercial products, your own bread, jam, condiments spice mixes. Ofcourse food and crafting too. So this homemade, from scratch idea is still floating in my head. Andwhat if i want to bog about reading ?

I have many interests, and enjoy learning how to do and make things. So i want to make a command center type blog where i can put all of this down. I’m open to suggestions.

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