So it’s been decided…

27 Jan

I’m setting up a food blog, and its still under construction with all that red tape. This will be a personal blog, where i think, write down accomplishments; hobbies mostly, and maybe some mundane life stuff here and there.

In the process of building up another blog i came across these:
Background fairy provides *free* backgrounds and headers (which can probably be used as stock too, but check the owners creative commons license first!). They are truly lovely, mostly antique and have that well traveled and slightly worn victorian-ish feel, which i LOVE ! So if youre due an update, go have a look.
Simply chic blogs does the same but have more contemporary and bold designs. Shabby Blogs is also a good stop for backgrounds, but they also have stamps, headers and blinkies. The coffee shop blog has some nice advice for and tips for editing your blogger blog. the author also puts up a few images that can be used at your blog, also for free. So have a look around and enjoy !


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