13 Jan

Contentment. Often you don’t know you have it until its gone And once you have it, it’s easy to take it for granted. Its one of those experiences that are feathery light and slippery to grasp. So after my 5 month shopaholic binge (with one month of re-programing on top of that) it’s quite refreshing to not want anything.

Looking through e-bay today i decided i wanted nothing. Well nothing more than a converter to use my leica R lenses on my nikon d40, and a few bento accessories. The accessories are negligible really. Of course i want my pending work and papers to be done and i want good grades, but these are worries of responsibility. Which though valid do not determine the be all and end all of ones life.

In essence I already have what i want. Love, hobbies, and most importantly a good book.


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