Project: Grandmas recipes

9 Jan

Most of my grandma’s recipes are old country cooking, depression food, and really sweet deep dish southern pies. And they are true gems. I am tempted to keep them to myself, but I remember she was never squeamish about sharing hers. She often traded recipes with other women at church, and with neighbors and friends in Kansas, where she originally was from. Though they may not be the healthiest in terms of fat content i want to make them the way she intended at least once. If you have special needs in your diet or cant get certain ingredients thats okay, it wont taste exactly the same but go ahead and substitute.

I will be working on cooking and posting at least one a month. Seeing the number of index cards this project will probably last a lifetime, and i have to consider time and budget constraints – so sometimes i will post more, and sometimes i will post less. I want them [the index cards] to be logged with photos and laminated to preserve them.


Roughly a month ago my grandma passed away at the age of 94 (1916-2010). It was a quick death, she lived a full life and had a charitable heart (she particularly adored kids). Most of her pension went towards helping the poor. I love her, and many people she has helped and befriended love and miss her as well. Her recipes are authentic to their time period and are a witness to history, it will be an adventure to go through them one recipe at a time. And i am glad that you will be there with me.


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