Sweet potato: Daigakuimo & Camote Cue

4 Dec

sweets header

In the Philippines we have a snack called “Camote(sweet potato) cue”. It’s similar to the recipe above except its sold skewered without soy sauce, sesame seeds,and they are sliced larger (3/4″ to 1.5″ in thickness). It usually has more sugar and is deep fried.

Adding a que/cue/q at the end is a play on the American BBQ. There are many street food stalls in the Philippines where marinated meats are skewered, grilled over coal and sold. Usually you can catch the sweeter dishes for merienda (late afternoon snack before dinner, usualy 3-4PM) and the more savory viand six pm onwards. Thease stalls offer turon (banana in wanton wrap fried with sugar), camote cue, banana cue, BBQ, isaw (skewerd chiken inards), itlog ng pugo (quail eggs either boiled and sold with salt) and qwek qwek (quail eggs boiled, peeled, breaded with a bright orange batter, fried and sold with a vinegar dip) .

I didn’t quite realize there is such an array of local food that others would find interesting or exotic. Im thinking about doing a series on them. Anyways, last week was quite busy for me and this week is proving to be a bit rushed as well.I also started playing Ragnarok Online again on the official F2P (free to play) non PVP (player versus player) server, Valhalla.

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