Kit-Kat and Oreo Fro-yo

21 Nov

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This is so simple i don’t even consider it to be a recipe. Its more like an overlooked food fact. Kinda of like putting a chopped up chocolate bar and banana in your cereal. The ingredients are readily available and can be altered to suit your dietary needs. Real yoghurt is lactose free, you can opt for cream with some vanilla and stevia syrup/extract if you are diabetic, or you can use brown or coco sugar with the cream if you are into whole food and avoiding refined sugar. You can even omit the sugar and vanilla and have it with plain cream. Best yet make your own frozen yoghurt!

Mr. catfish and i got a good deal on some fro yo. Ofcourse you can do this recipe with vanilla ice cream, or a variant mentioned above. The important thing is that your cream base should be neutral to the palette so the chocolate, or your candy of choice doesn’t contrast too much with it. So we used the vanilla yoghurt for this. As with any recipe substitute, or alternate to your hearts content to make it right for you =D If you prefer a different chocolate or cookie go ahead.


You will need:

  • 2 cups frozen yoghurt (or ice cream or cream)
  • 3 wafer sticks of kit kat
  • 3 oreo cookies
  • Serves two – one of each


  • Scoop yoghurt into a bowl
  • Just crush your desired topping, or chop it up in the case of mochi, gummy bears, chocolate bars etc.
  • Crush two Oreos in a mortar and pestle, or bowl.
  • Repeat for 2 Kit-Kat wafers.
  • Cut the remaining cookie and wafer in half, and use as garnish.
  • DSC_0533

    Oreo Fro-Yo


    Kit-Kat Fro-Yo



You can mix in the crushed toppings and use it as a “palaman” or filling of sorts. Get a couple of cookies, or digestive/butter biscuits and make a frozen cream sandwich. If you use brownies you just made a klondike bar! =D


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