Bug fix 1.0

2 Nov

This blog was initially intended to be on observing cultures, cliques, and hallyu. However it has not lived up to this purpose, but rather has ended up being a ‘dump’ for the recent cooking odds and ends i have picked up.

The bottom line is this, i collect hobbies, and skills. Aside from this i have many interests, so this will now be my web haunt dump for all of this. There isnt really a following of any sort here – its just a semi dilapidated and unvisited dank corner of the net-verse, so i have the liberty to do what i want without anyone expecting anything from it.

In the event that a soul does brave these parts, i have streamlined the labels. So just pick a topic of interest at the side and read on. Or you can read it chrnologically and trace a hobby ebb to another’s flow. Do what you like, i will.


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