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20 Jul

This is a product report, not a review. I will make one after a month or so though when i am more familiar with the product.

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Today my guy and i decided to split a “Soda Stream” soda/carbonated water maker from our local SM. Its a bit pricey but he is a soda fan, and guests come over frequently so we *do* spend quite alot on bottled sodas from 7-11 and mini stop. Not to mention this would greatly reduce the trash we produce!

I looked into reviewing the data the product releases about it self and it mostly looks good. Its much healthier than standard soda with lower calories, sugar, caffine and no sodium. THe syrup mixes do not use aspartame, or saccharine but rather sugar and splenda. Other than the health benefit as well, is the budget benefit – it costs 20 pesos for 1 liter of soda (after the initial cash bump of buying into the system).

To make home-made soda/sparkling water you will need:

  • cold water (1 liter minus 1-2 tbsp.)
  • some of the syrup (if you are making a soda or tea)
  • and your soda stream carbonator.

A table comparing the nutritional values of leading soda brands and Soda Stream syrup mix is available here.

To find out more about Soda Stream products you can goto these sites:

Soda Stream philippines – gives info on what is available here and what the PHP prices are, but takes a while to load.

Soda Stream USA – Has videos that take a while to load but is still faster than the Philippines site. It also probably has products listed that arent avaialable here yet.

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One Response to “Soda Stream”

  1. rubber cupcake November 15, 2010 at 3:31 am #

    Months later, Mr. Catfish and i still love it! will write a better review on this later.

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