3 Jan
I just finished a particularly well written “Hermione is a pure blood betrothed to Draco” fic.
You have to make an account with Granger enchanted to view it but its free (you only need a valid email add and two min to pick a name and password.) There are alot of Hermione/other character pairings and stories there that range from G-NC17. So until Contra Veritas and Coloured Grey come up again i think il be hanging around there for a while.
For other Dramione there is also:
Fanfiction.net” – of course, is a large database that has much of whatever you want. G-R
Accio D/hr” – a dramione fan fic and fan art indexing site. Its a bit sparse at the moment, but you can do something about that !!!
its always the quiet ones” – a fan fic story base centered on Blaise Hermione and Draco and the (relation)ships between them (last i recall its R-NC17).
The Restricted Section” – has some romance and NC17 stuff too.
There are others Of course but in my recent search for some good ‘ol draco-love thats what i have run into. I can’t wait for CG and CV to come back up (if it ever will), but for now others will do.
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